Why is your blog called "thetrendingthread"?

For starters, alliteration is cool. I just put together words that reminded me of clothing and style without using cliché words like "haute," "couture," or "style." Although I do have a few go-to icons, my personal style is constantly evolving as I get older along with constant influence from different models, designers, places and even social media sites. So, the word "trending" comes from those kinds of things and "thread" just refers to the physical clothing...duh.

Why did you start this blog?

I started it just as a way for me to express myself creatively in 2012. I started blogging on tumblr, but I wanted a place to post my own photos and opinions on fashion. The beginning stages of blogging helped me shape what kind of vibe I wanted my blog to have, and many of those posts have since been deleted or reverted to drafts. The voice and tone of my blog have been shaped by different bloggers as well as YouTube personalities. I never wanted my blog to seem too serious or too pretentious. After all, I can't tell anyone how they should or shouldn't dress since fashion should be experimental.

Although it sounds counter-productive, blogging has also helped me gain confidence.

I hope you all enjoy this blog and find out what's goin' on in my head or even a little bit of inspiration for yourself.


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