Thursday, March 23, 2017

Trends: Roses, Velour, and Feminism

Is the shopping bug starting to itch?  Before you touch your credit card, check out some of the best trends straight off the runway and the newsfeed.

designers left to right: vivienne westwood (spring 2017) , gucci (spring 2017), alexander wang (spring 2017 rtw) , adam selman (spring 2017) , maison margiela (a/w 2017)

The handful of people who actually read this blog might be thinking, "Hey, you mentioned this in your last trend report." Why, yes I did. I'm here to tell you to hop on this if you haven't already. This is also reminder that this print can be worn multiple kinds of ways, no matter your preconceived aesthetic. Take cues from the forever-rebellious Vivienne Westwood and the house's revamped camouflage featuring a Victorian version of the flower. Gucci wants us to sit pretty in pink roses and ultra-feminine billowing sleeves. Alexander Wang sticks to the "rose tattoo" motif, except this kind seems to be acceptable to showcase with your work slacks. Adam Selman's is the definition of Ready To Wear. I need this outfit in my life. Maison Margiela show the most understated rose printed jacket, but pairs it with another popular print: flames. You can choose to downplay the print or to make it the centerpiece. If you don't get a bouquet of roses anytime soon, just wear them instead.

left to right: alberta ferretti (spring 2017), valentino (spring 2017)  alberta ferretti (spring 2016), vetements (spring 2017),  marcelo burlon county of milan (spring 2017)

The second I noticed Juicy Couture was making a comeback I was ecstatic. Shoutout to my mother for holding onto my velour sets this long. Velour is notorious for said iconic sweatpants and they're coming back in waves through Vetements and Urban Outfitters collaborations. The fabric is not exclusive to streetwear and pants with elastic waists. Velvet was a huge trend recently and odds are if you bought something "velvet" in a fast fashion shop, it was actually velour. The slip-trend is starting its way out, find pieces like fitted dresses, those with tie details, or other bedroom-inspired wear.  I wouldnt count this fabric out, especially since we're taking the "effortless" dressing to a whole new level. 

left to right: dior, public school, prabal gurung, opening ceremony, and chanel fashion show (spring 2015)

Feminist Slogans
In the era of the Trump presidency and post-Brexit, people have become more vocal than ever when it comes to their beliefs and causes they support. From creating shirts for Hillary Clinton to hosting fundraisers for Planned Parenthood, the fashion industry and the individuals within it became its own force. Though some might say this movement is just capitalizing off the movement, I say we're just trading the hearts on our sleeve for mantras across our chest...just don't go around thinking your resistance stops there. If you wanna wear a $600 Dior shirt to show off your feminist pride, live your life. If you really want to benefit a movement, donate to Planned Parenthood or ACLU directly while you're out making moves. Or buy feminist wear from small-businesses and artists who are part of marginalized communities rather than cheap fast fashion corporations. Put your money where your mouth is instead of trying to keep up with Rihanna. That being said, a good graphic tee never goes out of style.

Check out some of my favorite smaller brands below:

Photos from: Vogue Runway, Refinery29, and Twitter

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