Sunday, February 19, 2017

Somerset House

A lil belly never killed nobody. 

DIY Coat: Slide on a (faux) fur collar on with some bobby pins + actual pins.

As someone who has loved fashion near since birth, Fashion Week has always fascinated me. To be fair, I'm drawn to anything that creates a spectacle of clothing and self-expression. Since I'm studying abroad in London I decided I would try and see a Fashion Week up close. Unfortunately, the mix of my irrelevancy and my procrastination left me with no way to get into a show or presentation. It ended up becoming a day of exploration: from Topshop Show Space at Tate Modern to Somerset House aka the former home of LFW.

Though there will forever be a hierarchy in the industry, one thing we have equal access to are the new trends. First, mesh had its comeback and now its best friend tulle is making her debut. This fabric is no longer reserved for ballerinas or couture gowns. Tulle is taking form in tops, dresses, and even accent paneling on "revamped vintage" pieces. Layer it over or under tops to give your OOTD a little extra umph. The fabric doesn't discriminate whether your style is more androgynous or boyish, if anything you can customize it. As we get closer to festival season and the harsh consequences of global warming, keep an eye out on tulle dresses over bralettes or paired with high-waisted briefs. 

Another piece making its way back into mainstream consciousness is the camera bag. Shoutout to Pop & Suki for getting this style in the hands of "It"-girls everywhere. Not only is it a great size for those trying to keep their purse essentials to a minimum, but it's perfect for those nights out. 

What I'm Wearing:
Nobody's Child tulle top | H&M jeans | Primark bag | Sam Edelman Boots 

That's it for now. With Fashion Month and the Academy Awards...check back soon.

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