Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Menswear feat. Cameron

Let's get the record straight: yes, I know my brother is cooler than me. 

Wake up everyone! It's 2017. Fashion houses are starting to mix their gendered collections and the pieces themselves are becoming more androgynous. What caused this change? Perhaps it's the times we're living in as people are beginning to express and identify with all different parts of the sexual and gender identity spectrums. Or maybe it's strictly financial since many designers can't keep up with the grueling Fashion Week schedules thrust upon them. Maybe it's a mix of the two. So let's talk menswear. 
It's good to keep an eye out on what the boys are wearing because the trends usually remain the same between the two genders. The only guy I talk fashion and clothing with is my cool kid brother, Cameron. Back at home he was my (reluctant) resident photographer, but since he's a college boy with goals of jumping into the fashion he is. 

His style can be segmented into his different brand obsessions: Superdry, Supreme, and now just about everything. We both went through this phase of obsessing over Yeezys, to the point where our family would trek to LA to enter a raffle. Now, we just stick to matching in merch. I asked him to text me a list of his favorite high fashion and street wear presentations and this is what he gave me:
The main theme behind his list is the screenprint piece. Alexander Wang's Spring 2017 collection is making a more subtle nod to the skate and surf culture of California than he did in his last collection. But he's gone from the simple "GIRLS" lettering to naked girls printed and sewn all over.

  TRAVIS SCOTT x Helmut Lang couldn't have dropped at a better time. Though Travis Scott said the capsule collection was inspired by his home state Texas, phrases like "no man's land" and "prototype" along with photos of fire and smoke seem to be channeling something dystopian. As for the rest of them, these are skate and surf brands you and friends should start wearing (besides Supreme) so you're not caught wearing the same brands as 13-year-old boys at The Grove.

All of these collections are shoppable, so check out Cameron's list below.
L to R, top down: Pleasures Now, FOREVER LIT YEAH YEAH,  Pleasures Now, Sex Skateboards -- MSFTSREP x VFILES, Hippie Sex, Alexander Wang, Adidas x Arthur Ashe

What He's Wearing:
Supreme Betty Boop Satin Club Jacket

Let me know if you'd like to see more of my brother around here. 

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