Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lust List #3

Long time no talk! I have been seriously slacking on the blog. I think it's due to the inherent overwhelming nature of this time of the year. So many events happen towards the weird transition between summer and fall like finding the balance in an everyday routine, the beginning of Fall television, and the oversaturation of Fashion Month on all my news feeds. Although I have yet to experience Fashion Week for myself, I always like to keep up on what's going down the runway to see what pieces and styles and worth investing in. 

Keep on reading to see what I've kept bookmarked on my computer as I wait for those direct deposits to hit.

I feel like favorite YouTube channels is going to be a reoccurring theme on my Lust Lists. Though I hold some resentment towards content creators my age who use the site to sell me products, I find most of my inspiration from YouTube channels of magazines and smaller creators. One publication with an underrated YouTube channel is W Magazine.

I love Lynn Hirschberg's segmented interviews because they are so intimate. Perhaps its the aesthetic or the non-evasive questions that give the clips this feel, but regardless I love them! However, the video that stood out to me the most was this "Listen In: This Is What Making W's September Issue Sounded Like" since Rihanna's cover encapsulates all the different colors and textures that have been inspiring me as of late.

All photos taken from Tumblr, so I don't have the original info. :(

Let me elaborate on a few pieces I've been daydreaming about.
Cropped/ Graphic Sweatshirts: My love for this piece stems from my appreciation for the mainstream rise of concert merch (à la TLOP and Bieber) and street brands (like Thrasher and Supreme). This specific item is from vetements, which pains me given the extreme mark up they put on their clothes. (They say it's to disrupt the fashion hierarchy, but we all know they just want those extra bucks.) The only downside to this trend is the idea that many people feel like they must "prove" they are worthy of sporting these brands. Sorry to burst the elitists' bubble but Thrasher will gladly take my money regardless of my interest in skating.
Embellished Clutch: All the handbags in my closet, with the exception of two, are all-black shoulder bags. In recent months, more fashion houses and brands have been releasing handbags with fun detailing from patches, sequins, to different fabrics. I love this Zara clutch because the glitter lighting bolts remind me of Ziggy Stardust and Gucci.
Gucci Double-G buckle belt: Posting this belt on here in hopes that the laws of attraction are on my side. And so it is. 
Flare sleeve blouses: I need to expand the business-centric side of my style and just because you have to dress for the office does not mean personal style has to suffer. In theory flare sleeves are the best because the shape makes your arms appear longer and slimmer, while also redefining sweater paws as we know it. But knowing my lack of table etiquette, those sleeves won't stay spotless for too long. 

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