Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Don't Sweat It

No one asked for it, but I'm here to deliver my interpretation of my Harley Quinn style guide. 

Who's that kid wearing a bomber jacket in 91 degree weather? 

I probably looked crazy walking around downtown in a jacket, but you gotta do it for the pictures, ya feel? Whoever said florals were exclusively for spring are sorely mistaken given the fact that they're on nearly every (faux) satin bomber in-stores right now. As for my multiple, possibly clashing, floral prints all around: don't sweat it. If flower fields are more beautiful with more variety, the same can be said for the ones you wear. I've been loving these shorts especially with their looser, mom-jean kind of fit. They flare out a little towards the bottom because of the looseness which works in your favor since it help fake a smaller waist. As for the details, the embroidery on the shorts remind me of Valentino's butterfly collection without the four-figure price tag. 

Pro tip for my girls with thick thighs: I highly suggest tights of any kind to minimize the chaffing  from thighs rubbing together. You're welcome. Wearing tights under shorts or ripped denim is also a great way to add a little extra detail to an outfit. 

This entire outfit will be on rotation for as long as it's this hot outside because I CBF to wear real pants.

What I'm Wearing:
Forever21 jacket and belt | Topshop bodysuit | Glamorous shorts (via ASOS)

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