Saturday, August 6, 2016

Character Style Guide: Harley Quinn

The downsides to half-assing a Harley Quinn costume a year before the movie comes out: no one knows who you are and just assume you have daddy issues.

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Suicide Squad comes out this weekend and to describe my current emotion as excitement is an understatement. I have been following this movie ever since the cast officially announced the movie at San Diego Comic Con last year. Since then, I have been saving each photo that gave a glimpse of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. My love for Margot Robbie aside, there are so many other reasons to love this character. Harley's trademark attitude and witty one-liners combined with her new look has me obsessed. Costume designer Kate Hawley ditched Harley's classic red and black jumpsuit and cites rock 'n roll icons and Courtney Love as main inspirations for the new look. 

Whether or not this movie makes anything at the box office is irrelevant at this point. (The media has also been criticizing Quinn as a character, but have completely missed the mark...but now is not the time.) If there's one thing you can get from this movie, it's fashion inspiration. Harley Quinn is about to be a fashion darling in her own right since she's rocking about every trend right now and take cues from so many high end designers. The devil's in the details, people.

#1: Satin Bomber Jacket

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Right off the bat (pun intended), you can't help but notice Harley's two-tone embellished satin bomber jacket. If you needed a sign to jump onto the bomber bandwagon, this is it. The most common embroidery at the moment are oriental flowers or wild tigers, but more and more vintage-inspired designs are coming out. I've linked some of mine below, but don't be afraid to thrift, look in the men's section, or even find patches to sew on yourself. To really channel Harley Quinn, satin bombers in a jewel-toned ruby red or sapphire blue should be your top picks. If you want to see how Harley adapted high fashion runway looks for the rest of her kick ass battle uniform, I'd say she was heavily inspired by Alexander WangGucci, and  Tommy Hilfiger.

#2 Chokers and Embellished Belts

via Warner Brothers

There's a running joke on the internet that this movie is going to bring in a new wave of emo kids. (I mean, have you heard the soundtrack? Have you seen any of the theatrical posters?) Once I saw Harley rockin' a studded belt reminiscent of my own pseudo-emo phase, I knew it was over. Add her fingerless gloves and studded bracelets...I can hear the masses running to their nearest Hot Topic. Besides all that, Harley Quinn's outfit reminds us all that chokers will not be out-of-style anytime soon. Her "PUDDIN'" choker looks like something I believe Moschino used to make. Fashion houses with ornate accessories like hers right now are Louis Vuitton and Valentino. With current trends, studded belts have been styled for Western-vibes, but its reign is no more. We're here to reclaim for the punk aesthetic. You get a studded belt! You get a studded belt! We all get to wear studded belts!

#3: Graphic Tee

via Warner Brothers
"Daddy's Little Monster" isn't exactly a phrase you can wear out all the time. If anything, it should only be worn with the intent of being called Harley Quinn. I would reserve it for certain weekends like Halloween, Comic Con, and Father's Day weekend. (The latter one's a joke unless your family is hardcore DC or at the very least has a sense of humor.) Graphic tees have always been popular, but the most recent additions have been "camp" tees. Camp tees are essentially ringer tees with cheeky sayings on the front to separate your look from an actual camp counselor. Camp tees plus a little IRO Paris DIY distressing and you're good-to-go.

#4: Everything Else

via Warner Brothers
Something tells me Harley Quinn would steal a pair of Fenty slides ASAP.
Not all of us can wield a baseball bat, so let's leave that element in the comic universe. However, my final take away from Harley Quinn is her make up. Back when I tried to dress like her for Halloween, the hardest part was drawing a little heart on my face. Luckily, Milk Makeup makes a tattoo stamp in both a heart and star shape so you don't have to spend a million years in front of the mirror to perfect the Electra Heart. Kate Hawley's Harley Quinn is also embracing two of Spring 2016's biggest eye trends: red and blue eyeshadow. Dior and Jill Stuart brought the blush tones up to the eyelid while Chanel and Missoni went a little crazy with blue. You might look like you raided a child's make-up kit, but it's all in good fun and you're fashion house approved.

I hope you enjoyed this character style guide! Let me know if you would like to see any other characters. I've started Stranger Things and I'm obsessed. Look out for an outfit post on how I execute a Harley Quinn look without going full costume very soon.


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