Friday, June 10, 2016

Seeing Stars

If it wasn't obvious, I am obsessed with stars. I wrote about the micro trend back in January and I couldn't be more thrilled that more brands are coming out with galactic print. I love this dress from ASOS because it combines two trends: star print and flare sleeves. The billowing sleeves are both on-trend and useful since they keep me breezy throughout the day The only downside to this dress is that the top half doesn't half a sewn-in slip so I'm always readjusting so I can avoid a nip-slip.  Monogram has been coming back, especially with Gucci, so I snatched my mom's much loved Louis Vuitton. 

My love for stars probably began with my interest in astrology, which I'm proudly representing with this "gemini" necklace. I don't know if it's the progression of time or the influence of the Internet, but I have definitely become a believer in the placement of the planets and those in retrograde. For my other accessory, I wore this NASA launch pin that I found at a store in Little Italy. It's all interstellar here.

What I'm Wearing:
ASOS dress | Flea Market necklace | Halogen slip-ons (not pictured)

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