Friday, June 3, 2016


One of the perks of coming home for the summer is borrowing clothes from my younger brother. He self-identifies as a hypebeast, which means his style is heavily influenced by clothing pieces that are both stylish and tokens for bragging rights. There are worse definitions on Urban Dictionary, but I'm not here to diss my brother. After all, he's letting me borrow all this stuff that he spent 15 hours in line  for at "The Life of Pablo" pop-up shop on Fairfax a few weeks back.

  For the whole outfit, I was channeling Alexander Wang's Ready to Wear Spring 2014 collection. Although this coach's jacket looks less athleisure and more "I'm running late for my biology lab,"it reminded me of Wang's collection and the focus on brand names and the repetition of his own name. If you want to bring it back to this season, the font choice for the "TLOP" merchandise was definitely influenced by Vetements. Off-the-shoulder tops have been my favorite summer staple since last year, but this color and fabric reminded me of the Wang pajama set I was this close to buying a few years back. Skinny jeans will never die, so to streamline my legs I wore these classic Docs. Shoes like creepers and flatforms have been trending for a while because of the height they give and the focus on the over-exaggerated outsole. If you're too late on the Fenty x Puma or downtown kid Doc obsessions, there are tons of dupes out there...or you can always cop a classic.

In case you were wondering, my favorite songs off "TLOP" are Ultralight Beam, Wolves, and generally anytime Kid Cudi laughs on a track.

What I'm Wearing:
The Life of Pablo Coach Jacket | H&M Blouse | Nasty Gal Choker | Doc Marten 1461 Smooth

Photos by Cameron Catapusan

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