Friday, May 6, 2016

Mixin' it Up

I am starting to get bored of skinny jeans. This is probably why I've focused so much attention to the top of my outfit. I remember stocking up on pairs on pairs because I used to believe they looked more slimming than light wash jeans. As I've gotten older, I've started embracing my taste rather than the BS they publish in magazines about "dressing for your body." I'm no longer concerned with specific rules of dressing. Keep on reading to see what other rules I've thrown out the window.

Here we have another outfit created around this varsity jacket. At first I didn't think I would get enough use out of this jacket during the summer because of my association with red and autumn, but I've taken a liking to it. When I was younger, I was also told by magazines that red colors would bring out the redness in your skin. The jacket is more of a blue-toned red, so it definitely won't make you look splotchy. There are also so many jackets coming out for the Spring/Summer time that are coming out in red with 70s vibes. The white in the jacket also matches my bell-sleeved sweater, which is a trendy new spin on one of my summer staples. (I said it once and I said it again, I will be wearing the 70s trend until it dies.)

Another "fashion rule" that is complete garbage is the rule against mixing metals. Some people think it's a complete fashion faux pas, but as long as you make the mix look intentional you're in the clear. This mixed metals belt from ASOS really can't be seen, unless I'm wearing high-waisted denim or stretch my arms randomly, but I love it because it spices up my bland skinny jeans. For a long time, I would only wear silver jewelry but the pairing of my belt and my ever-growing necklace collection (shout out to my BFFs in Chicago) has me turning a new leaf.

Although this post sounds far too serious the only take away is this: don't take any rules too seriously, especially in what you wear. 

Check below for some of the items I'm wearing along with some similar items.

What I'm Wearing:
Nasty Gal choker | ASOS belt | Urban Outfitters Sweater | Vintage Varsity Jacket

Photos by Noël Dombroski

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