Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Countdown to Lollapalooza

One of my favorite aspects of music festivals is the promise of repeat acts. By repeat acts I mean the artists that sprinkle themselves on different lineups throughout the country, although Lolla does have a few repeating headliners from last year. I love the idea of redeeming myself and catching acts I didn't get to see at the last festival I was at, whether I had to miss them over a stacked schedule or I just recently discovered the artist. My summers seem to become more and more career-oriented as I make my way towards the "real world" and internships become scarce, so my anticipation for Lollapalooza is only growing. I've only ever been to three festivals, with two under Goldenvoice and none categorized as "camping" fests.

I'm not a music expert nor do I believe I have the greatest taste in music. (For proof, see my music re-cap for 2015. Yikes!) But hey, music taste is ever evolving.

This post is more-or-less a reference guide for myself and my friends as "The Weekend" approaches. You can check wikipedia or the "About" section of streaming platforms to read actual bios about these artists or even similar artists, but if you want a few song recommendations keep on reading.

The Redemption Tour

"The Redemption Tour" is a little list of acts I could have seen the first day of Coachella if I wasn't spending most of the day stuck in traffic. Lolla's day-by-day set lists have already been released, but hopefully my friends and I don't have too many conflicts and there will be great after shows too.


The Last Shadow Puppets: This band is the love child of Arctic Monkey's frontman Alex Turner and legendary guitarist Miles Kane. I never really listened to their music until my friend, Noël, sent me a list of her favorite tracks and had a unbelievable encounter with them at their LA show.
Favorite Tracks: Bad Habits, My Mistakes Were Made For You

Tchami: Tchami considers himself the "reverend" of house music and turns himself into a church, complete with stain glass designs on-screen. I know nothing about EDM music, but I can appreciate a good track and a decent visuals. I caught the end of his set back in the desert, but now that I know what he's all about I want to see the whole thing.
Favorite Tracks: Afterlife, Go Deep (Remix)


Foals: Shoutout to Spotify for continuously adding tracks by Foals onto my Discover Weekly playlists. Just what I needed: another indie rock band from the UK to get into. Thankfully, no one on my radar that conflicts with their set because I've heard they're incredible live and always crowdsurf.
Favorite Tracks: Inhaler, Mountain At My Gates


Lolawolf: Finally! An act with a female! Zoë Kravitz (yes, that Kravitz) leads the trio with bandmates Jimmy Giannopoulos and James Levy. I don't think she could be any cooler if she tried. Their sound and vibes change with each EP and mixtape they release, which definitely reflects the frontwoman's bi-coastal lifestyle.
Favorite Tracks: AYO, Drive (Los Angeles)


Years and Years: Although I was disappointed when their album came out, I'm still down to see Years and Years since they are one of the few artists on the bill whose discography I know by heart. This also may be the only chance I get to see them since Olly Alexander seems to fall ill far too often.
Favorite Tracks: Desire, Ties


Louis the Child: Louis the Child only have one official single out right now, but their remixes are so good they're often compared to Flume, the It-guy of the moment. The duo is actually from Chicago so hopefully they'll put on a good set for their homecoming show during their tour. Apparently one of them goes to my school, so...there's that too.
Favorite Tracks: From Here, It's Strange (feat. K.Flay)



Skizzy Mars: When my friends and I came back together during our winter break, we couldn't stop playing Skizzy Mars after we each discovered him on our own. Personally, I heard about this dude from my younger brother who arguably is the one reason why I have any sense of what "good" music is these days.
Favorite Tracks: Alcoholics, Make Sense

Wavves: One thing I like about music festivals is that the lineups are eclectic enough that you don't need to be extremely invested in each act you see. I've always wanted to see Wavves live, but I never thought I was "beach goth" enough to go to one of their shows.
Favorite Tracks: King of the Beach, Paranoid


Lewis Del Mar: Between all the DJ, hip-pop, and pop sets I'll be seeing this year, Lewis Del Mar is a breath of fresh air. The duo hail from Brooklyn and their emphasis on vocals and a hypnotic beat remind me of Chet Faker, but they definitely set themselves apart with the occasional incorporation of other sound bytes.
Favorite Tracks: Malt Liquor, Wave(s)


Wolf Alice: Wolf Alice is another band I found through my Spotify Discover playlists...well back when the playlists were good. I chose Matt and Kim over this band's set in Indio, but I won't be missing them this time 'round. Also, yes, it's another indie rock band from the UK, but at least this time there's a woman in the mix.
Favorite Tracks: Bros, Lisbon


Drowners: One of my favorite bands is back and rightfully so since they've been leaving me hangin' since 2014. They'll be releasing a new album next month and so far I've been loving the singles. I can't wait to see them play and see Matt Hitt somewhere besides Alexa Chung's snapchat.
Favorite Tracks: Let Me Finish, Pick Up the Pace


Two Door Cinema Club: TDCC has been with me since my pseudo-Indie phase many moons ago. They've promised to release and play more music while they're touring this year, but here's to hoping their new stuff is more like "Tourist History" and less like "Beacon."
Favorite Tracks: I Can Talk, Kids



MUNA: This all-female band calls themselves "dark pop," whatever that means. Their mix of R&B vocals and synthpop lyrics make them worth listening to, but their credentials as music producers make them badass. I've had many different opportunities to see them perform, including a FEM Fest at my school, but I'm excited to vibe to them in Grant Park. 
Favorite Tracks: Promise, Winterbreak
HAIM: I will always love HAIM. In my mind, the sister-band will forever be associated with The Valley and the red lip/leather jacket combo. If I'm being honest, these girls are the ones that give Taylor Swift's squad any kind of cool points. I'm so excited they're finally releasing new music this year like so many of my favorite artists of 2014. 
Favorite Tracks: If I Could Change Your Mind, My Song 5

Let me know if you check out these artists and let me know of any smaller sets that'll be playing at Lollapalooza this year.

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