Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Trending Threads Vol. I

My blog title, “the trending thread” was meant to reflect current clothing fashion, but my inclination towards trends doesn’t stop there. I find myself immersed in everything on-trend, whether they’re new pieces I lust for from the feed of Vogue Runway or fulfilling my constant need to discover new (or simply new to me) music and films. The longevity of trends is both the best and worst thing about them: some trends fade while others latch on.

I couldn’t pass up using the ultimate pun…my own blog name. Welcome to a new segment on the blog, “trending threads.” Here I’ll be talking about a few things taking over my life, both fashion-related and not. I’m ditching the cliché “Monthly Favorites” format because 1. I’m no YouTube kid and 2. my favorite things do not change on a monthly rotation.

Keep on reading to see what stuck with me over the past few months what has faded since then. Let me know how you like this format by tweeting me at @torixcat or by leaving a comment below. 

Goodbye, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. 

It's about time we all collectively stop talking about Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Nepotism has taken over the fashion industry, with the rise of celebrity models spearheading this shift. There was a point in time where I loved the duo, but their names are in every kind of headline that it's hard to separate fashion news from tabloid drama. I used to love their street style, but I was so disappointed to find out their clothing choices are extremely calculated and styled by the same person: Monica Rose. Perhaps I'm being too harsh on them (oh how I wish I could score some of their designer goods), but ultimately I'm just hurt that fashion editorials and shows are slowly losing their glamour all for the sake of novelty and achieving a global trending topic. 

Hello, Emily Ratajkowski and Sami Miro. 

Two women I have been keeping up with heavily as of late have been Emily Ratajkowski and Sami Miro. (Let's just clear the elephant in the room. These two women have a hot mutual friend, Zac Efron, but this boy they both happen to have kissed is the least interesting thing about them.) I started following Emily (@emrata) after seeing her performance in Gone Girl. Earlier this year, I discovered Sami Miro (@samimiro)'s mini-series on Elle.com about vintage shopping. Not only do both of these girls have impeccable style, but they're both outspoken on issues relating to the presidential election, feminism, and other social issues. Emrata wrote a Lenny Letter about developing her sexuality outside the male gaze and Sami often sites her life in San Francisco and economic barriers that sparked her love for vintage. These two prove that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive entities. 

Goodbye, movies about space.

  It’s time to say goodbye to space-centric movies…for the next three months. The space craze was definitely fueled by the success of both The Martian as the “comedy” of the awards circuit and the newest Star Wars episode and its addition of a female jedi. Since we can’t spend our time counting down the days until Episode VIII comes out (654 days), enjoy the next month or so of summer blockbuster-free bliss. Space movies are going to be everywhere once again, with the next installment of the Star Trek series and the sequel to Independence Day on the way. I'm still riding this science-fiction high, so I'm currently reading The Circle by Dave Eggers to tie me over.

 Hello, superhero movies.

I am a sucker for superhero movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will always be my favorite, especially since I swoon whenever Steve Rogers/Captain America is on screen. Part of it is Chris Evans’ existence and the other part goes to the fact that Steve Rogers’ values are just too pure for the 21st century. #TeamCap. I’m really excited for DC Universe’s roster to come out, especially Suicide Squad. (I also swoon over Margot Robbie.) I have yet to dive into either franchises’ television universes because I’m far too invested in Dexter at the moment (and season one of Daredevil was a total snooze).

Goodbye, denim jacket.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, saying goodbye to my denim jacket sounds crazy. Yes, I am talking about the same denim jacket that has been featured in far too many outfit posts over the last few years. It’s going on hiatus while I’m on the never-ending search for pins or patches to spruce it up. Part of me is afraid that I could ruin my favorite jacket due to my lack of DIY skills. Hopefully I can find a pre-embellished jacket or another denim jacket at the thrift store. Until either of those materialize, here are some of my favorite jackets on the market that serve as my inspiration.

Hello, every-other-kind-of jacket.

For some reason, I only gravitate towards jackets that are oversized or lack any structure. I’m embracing athleisure, especially since these pieces will be big in the summer and fall. (*cough* Have you seen my NYFW post?) My ever-growing collection of outerwear seems outlandish, especially since I live in a city where it never goes below 70 degrees. Two of my most recent buys have been from second-hand shops, but I have been on the look for suede and satin-like jackets all around. 

Music Favorites

From left to right: 55 by The Knocks, I Like it When You Sleep... by The 1975, Mind of Mine by Zayn, Currents by Tame Impala, The Life of Pablo by Kanye West, and Let Live & Let Ghosts by Jukebox the Ghost. 

We've finally reached the end. Here are some of the albums I have been listening on repeat since they came out. I'm extremely behind on the hype surrounding Jukebox the Ghost and Tame Impala, respectively. My favorite tracks off Tame Impala's Currents are "Yes, I'm Changing" and "The Less I Know the Better." My favorite track off Jukebox the Ghost's album is "Victoria", for obvious reasons. The other four albums are new releases and my favorite tracks off each would be:

  • The Knocks -- "Comfortable feat. X Ambassadors", "Love Me Like That feat. Carly Rae Jepsen"
  • The 1975 -- "UGH!", "She's American", "If I Believe You"
  • Zayn -- "dRuNk", "TiO"
  • Kanye West -- "Feedback","Wolves", "Facts (Charlie Heat Version)"
Click here for my February and March monthly playlists. 

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed the new format. Let me know if you liked anything I've mentioned too!

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