Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jurassic Park

Driving through the desert is pretty picturesque. Although the gigantic windmill farms are equal parts ugly and terrifying, everything else from the mountains to the dozens of palm trees are worthy of a few snaps on your phone. Instead of boring you with photos from the festival, I thought I'd show off my favorite outfit and my favorite spot from this weekend.

I found this dress back in a second-hand shop in New York City called Beacon's Closet. Linen dresses are great  for the spring and summer time because the material is extremely breathable and they bring a vintage-quality to any outfit. So many stores are coming out with dresses in this material, but I would suggest searching local second-hard stores before you pay a premium on it. I'm thinking of revamping this dress to make it look a little more mod and a little less "Little House on the Prairie" using this DIY by one of my favorite YouTube duos, The Fashion Citizen. (I'll definitely create another post if my alteratioins go according to plan.)

Instead of going scissor-crazy right away and potentially ruining this relatively modest dress, I decided to channel the heroines of the Jurassic Park series. I kept it simple with my jewelry and stacked a few lightweight pieces on one another like my pearl-stone choker, horn-shaped necklace and bolo-esque necklace. Whether you're running from dinosaurs or from set to set, getting tangled and choked by your necklaces is never a fun time. I wore one of my favorite chokers around my boot to bring them back to life. I continue to rave about these boots, but they're the best and they kept me comfy all weekend. As for my dress, it already had slits on both sides, but I decided to leave a few bottom bits unbuttoned to let the dress flow in the wind. I should have brought a steamer, but who really cares about creases when you're just running around in the desert?

Let me know what you think of this outfit. Since I've owned many of these pieces for a while, I've linked some similar pieces down below.

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