Friday, April 8, 2016

Festival Season 2016

Festival season is both the best and the worst time of the year. I love it because of the promise of new music, fashion inspiration, and quality time with some of my best friends. However, it also brings out the worst in people like: elitist music fans who critique the festival or the groups of Instagram models/photographers who claim they're free-spirited but shell out tons of cash so they can make it on a "Best Dressed" list. (Is it salty in here or is it just me?) 

All of that aside, I really enjoy it. I embrace the clichés of it all and have a gr8 time doin' it. I'm also the kind of girl who will take any opportunity to dress to the 9s. Music festivals are the best place to try different looks because no one's judging you. (Everyone's far too busy worrying about themselves.) 

This year will be my third year at Coachella (and I've already secured a ticket to Lollapalooza) and with it only a week away I wrote this post to get psyched. 

Keep on reading to see my spin on festival wear. 

Put down the face jewels. 

Desert music festivals, like Coachella, are a hub for spotting casual cultural appropriation. I'm a supporter of making your face shine like a disco ball, so switch out that slightly offensive pack of face jewels for cosmetic glitter. Glitter eyebrows, glitter winged liner, and glitter eyelids have been in various high fashion campaigns for a while now. Not only will this trend save you from the embarrassment of becoming a cliché or getting a rhinestone tan line on your face, but there is no wrong way to do it. If you're afraid it will get in your eyes, pack on the highlighter to keep your cheekbones aglow. 

Lay off the suede.

Suede is synonymous with "desert vibes." Don't believe me? Just check every clothing store's "Festival" occasion section. However anything suede will show off just how sweaty you can get in the desert. Take cues from brands like Chloé and save the suede for your handbag and chokers. Opt for linen, eyelet crochet, or even satin for your dresses and outerwear. Satin seems crazy, especially since you're rubbing against a million other people or sitting on the ground, but most clothing stores don't use real satin so you're in the clear. The other thing I would really avoid are giant, floppy hats: they're extremely distracting to people around you, can come off easily and are a hassle to hold onto once the sun goes down. 

Find pieces to wear again. 

Two pieces of clothing you should definitely invest in for music festivals are denim and sunglasses. You've already spent the cash for the wristband to get in, might as well invest in things that will last longer than the weekend. I know tons of people buy cheap sunglasses in case they lose them, but most people never end up losing them and just continue to wear them until they break. So splurge on those designer sunnies or spend time finding the best pair of vintage cut-offs: you'll thank yourself later. These pieces are necessary for any spring/summer wardrobe and can often separate your outfit from others. 

Keep it interesting.

At the end of the day, if you're spending big bucks on a music festival you should be there for the music. Have you ever been to a concert and noticed that the crowd tries to dress like the artist? (Like Gaga's monsters, Grime's art heaux, literally any rapper or trap artist, etc.) Everyone's running from set to set, but we all have that one our entire day revolves around. Stand out in the crowd by channeling your faves...unless they're boring. In that case, find some last-minute DIYs or anything with sequins or mesh. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and won't be suffering from too much FOMO this year. If you want to know what sets I plan on seeing next weekend, check out my spotify playlist. My only regret is that I'm not important enough to go to any designer pool parties...there's always next year.

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