Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Warehouse Two

School's back in session kids! My life for the past month has been focused on one thing: making it to spring break and surviving it. Luckily I didn't go to Cabo, so surviving spring break was relatively easy. I'm not entirely sure how I'll survive the "real" world where my life doesn't revolve an academic calendar, but until then I'm embracing the collegiate lifestyle. 

After spending a week visiting friends in New York City and Boston, I have done a lot of shopping and eating. Rather than wandering each city in search of tourist attractions or places I've seen off Instagram, I was able to spend time with my friends in their most frequented spots (aka I hardly left Manhattan or made it to the other side of the Charles River). New York City and Boston are two very different cities but they have one thing in common: great second-hand and consignment stores. 

I found this corduroy varsity jacket at The Garment District in Cambridge. The distinction between vintage and thrifted items is blurred to me, but since this jacket cost $30...let's call it vintage. I highly recommend you all check out this store if you have a chance: the first floor is part costume shop/part thrift store (where you pay by weight!) and the second floor is all second-hand. 

Oversized and slightly more masculine cut outerwear seems to be my thing as my collection of pilot-style jackets has been growing. Luckily, so many brands, from Tommy Hilfiger to Reformation to Topshop, have been coming out with this style in more summer-appropriate fabrics or with cheeky embroidery on the back. This specific one appealed to me because of the embroidery like "1989" on the chest, the 14 on the arm for my birth day, and the "Warehouse Two" on the back. Spring collections from Opening Ceremony and Coach 1941 have definitely been feeding into my outerwear frenzy, with the latter heavily influencing the rest of my outfit. The fabric may not be the most practical for the warmer months, but hey...it's almost baseball season. 

What I'm Wearing:
Vintage varsity jacket | Forever 21 dress | Zara scarf | Topshop skirt | Guess backpack

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