Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Slow Down

Today marks the beginning of NYFW, leading us into the frenzy of Fashion Month. This year, some of the best minds in the game have critiqued the schedule and turn over rates of all these collections and how that's affecting brand aesthetics and the way we all spend our money. Womanswear, menswear, and pre-collection shows happen in January, February, June, July, September, and December, depending on one of the three categories of shows. So many designers are ditching this traditional calendar for consumer-facing shows. (This is the only time I'm appreciative of capitalism.) But why change, you ask? The speedy traditional timeframe allows fast-fashion stores to pick up on the trends and send them off before ready-to-wear is...ready.

 I'm sure we've all seen and bought handbags that are one stop short of being a complete knock-off or seen cuts and prints EXACTLY like those off the runway. (See my Celiné-inspired handbag that I wore too much last year. It was an embarrassing period.) Not only is it insulting to the aesthetic of a brand (especially one you hope to own for real one day), but it's bad for the green in your wallet and on our planet. So, what's a girl to do?

One tactic I'm using is discovering my favorite kind of pieces and trends to create the foundation of my closet. This post features pieces of clothing I've has in my closet for years like the leather skirt. To keep daily style from getting too repetitive, I've begun to shop at more eco-conscious stores, like Reformation, and by finding pieces that stand out/will be worn for a while. As a college student, especially one interested in fashion, there is this constant pressure to buy trendy clothing from fast fashion stores. This doesn't mean I'm giving up high-street brands. I'm in no position to start spending hundreds on a pair of jeans, nor could I dress myself without a Zara or ASOS piece here and there. 

As for this outfit, I mentioned my newfound love for bodysuits in an earlier post. The mock turtleneck this Reformation piece gives me the luxury of embracing "winter" here in LA without looking like a complete fool in 70 degree weather. The cut and the color also give me Princess-Leia vibes. To bring it back to our current galaxy, I accessorized with my favorite belt. (If you're planning on purchasing the belt I suggest going a size down than usual so it will sit better around your waist.) Wearing another layer, like this suede jacket, also breaks up this rather monochromatic outfit.

Check out this i-D article about the current state of the fashion industry along with the Netflix documentary "The True Cost." That being said, check back for my favorite NYFW shows and how you can translate those trends into your look with minimal damages. 

 What I'm Wearing: 
Reformation bodysuit | ASOS Belt | Adidas Superstars

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