Saturday, February 6, 2016

January Favorites

Between striving to fulfill New Year's resolutions and getting back into my school routine, most of my monthly favorites have been movies and music as opposed to physical things. I have been spending far too much time and money at the movies this month as I try to see all the Oscar-nominated films. Award season is the best season, let's be real. I had a few "actual" favorites along with my monthly playlist. Keep on reading to see what I discovered and loved during the month of January!

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline: It's become pretty clear to me that I gravitate towards utopian/dystopian themed novels. (Shoutout to The Hunger Games trilogy for heavily influencing me.) This month I read Ernest Cline's book, Ready Player One, after seeing it featured on YouTube videos as well as by recommendation from people who work at The Last Bookstore in Downtown LA. The novel takes place in 2044, as we follow Wade Watts and his quest to find Halliday's egg in a virtual utopia called the OASIS. Wade (better known by his screen name Parzival) uses his knowledge of popular culture from the video game mogul's past to complete the quest for the egg. Cline effortlessly intertwines 80s nerd culture, especially movies and video games, into the story. I gained a nice list of movies to watch from this book, like WarGames and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I also made a Spotify playlist with each song that was referenced by name, sans "Video Fever" by the Beepers. According to Google, the movie based on this book is in production and is directed by Steven Spielberg. Can't wait.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: Around this time last year I was using Simple's Micellar Water and featured it in a favorites post. To be honest, there was nothing memorable about that product. I was really excited about picking up Garnier's Micellar Water because I have seen it on every British beauty vloggers' video and it has only recently make it to the states. This water hit the shelves at a perfect time because I realized the make up remover wipes I had been using were irritating my skin. This one is really worth the hype and it even gets rid of stubborn mascara and eyeliner in the tightline. Since I started using this,  I've also changed the products in my skincare routine. Stay tuned for that.

Mr. Robot: I have been devoting most of my free time to catching up on award-nominated television shows and movies. One of my current favorite series has been Mr. Robot. If you're the least bit interested, don't go around reading fan theories or spoilers until you've finished the season. (There are also heavy drug references and use in the show, fyi.) I managed to finish this show during my winter break earlier this month and it's so good. Ever since I took one communications class on technology, hacker culture has been really interesting to me. Even if you're not into hacker culture, Eliot's (Rami Malek) inner monologues will strike a chord with you. Since starting this show, I have taped the camera on my computer and have become more aware of my presence online. Who needs "Netflix and Chill" when "Mr. Robot and worries about cyber-security" sounds more fun?

Ex-Machina: I was compelled to watch Ex-Machina after I (and every other person on the internet) fell in love with Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron in Star Wars Episode VII. Again, I have been watching a ton of movies on the Oscar's ballot, and this movie is currently nominated for Best Visual Effects and Best Screenplay. The movie follows a programmer named Caleb (Domnhall Gleeson) after he is chosen to spend a week with Nathan (Oscar Isaac), the CEO of the tech company he works for. Caleb soon finds out that he is there to test the consciousness of Ava (Alicia Vikander), a robot with artificial intelligence. This movie is stunning and its actors are EVERYWHERE. Domhall Gleeson is in everything this award season like Brooklyn, The Revenant and Star Wars Episode VII while Alicia Vikander is up for Best Actress for her role in The Danish Girl. Other Oscar contenders I've watched and loved recently have been Room and Sicario.

Finally, some of my music favorites from this month. Quite a few of my favorite songs can be found of Soundcloud, specifically the tracks "Space Boots" and "BB Talk" off Miley and Her Dead Petz and Kanye x Kendrick's "No New Friends." You can also find the uncensored version of Roy Woods x Drake's "Drama." I've really been into Grimes' latest album, Art Angels, and Troye Sivan's Blue Neighborhood too.

I really enjoyed all these things this month and I hope you will too. Let me know on Twitter if you read/watched/listened to any of these and whether you like them or have any recommendations for me. NYFW starts on Monday so get ready to see a post about it real soon. Don't forget to follow the trending thread on Bloglovin'.

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