Friday, January 22, 2016

Gloomy Bloom

 I present to you my version of a 'lookbook.' I love this outfit, but the day I took these photos the lighting was strange because the sky was so cloudy. This also explains why I look ghostly pale for someone with my skin tone. Instead of trying to edit the photos to look as 'perfect' as possible, I played around with the grain and color. I think the graininess intensifies the 70s vibes that I've fully embraced. Besides when was the last time someone posted a real photo of themselves on the internet?

Again I have retreated to my old ways of not looking at the camera. In my defense, I just spent a good amount of time just twirling around in this dress in the middle of Pershing Square. As for my outfit, I'm a sucker for off-the-shoulder pieces and this bell-sleeved dress was no exception. It's a tad too short so I wore my trusty leather-look skirt underneath. Don't let seasons stop you from wearing certain prints. If you want to rock florals in the winter time, look for pieces with a mustard or deep red color palette. 

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