Friday, January 8, 2016

Fresh Start

Long time, no post! The "24-hour flu" I caught the day after Thanksgiving was not just a flu, but a throat virus! Between fighting infection and actually gaining weight during the winter holidays, I have not been in the best shape or mindset to post. To start the year on a positive note, I wanted to write a little post on how I will achieve my goals this year. For those of you interested, keep on reading.

When I was younger, my mom was really into The Secret's laws of attraction and vision board exercises. The law of attraction is simple: positive thoughts bring positive experiences into your life and negative thoughts bring negative experiences.  If you've read The Secret or know anything about the life of Alexis Neiers this should all sound familiar. The concept of putting together a vision board is the only thing I've ever truly gained from that "documentary." Essentially all you do is cut out photos from travel and lifestyle magazines and cover a poster board with all these positive images and buzzwords. Once you're done you hang it on a space where you will look at it everyday. Make it as personal as possible!

In my opinion, the best magazines for collaging are brand and department store catalogues along with travel ads and the occasional Nylon magazine. In my collage I included: photos of places I want to visit, words I want to describe me, and images that display a vibe I want to emulate. This year I added a small paper to write down goals I will achieve. I've written my goals in two parts: the first is the overarching category or idea of the goal and the second are the ways in which I will execute that goal. For example, one of my goals is to be healthier in 2016 and one way I will execute this is by spending less time looking at screens. 

I hope this little bit has encouraged you to take on the year positively, even if you have already dismissed those new years resolutions. 

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