Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Winter Hues: Blush Monochrome

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This year, some of the most popular high-end brands like Chloé and Dior have been releasing collections with a pale pink/nude color palette. (As much as I don't want to admit it, this trend really started gaining mainstream love after Yeezus Season 2 came out.) If you're like me and are not a porcelain doll, get excited because this nude palette embraces your skin color too. People have been stressing the nude-lip trend for a while now so it was only a matter of time before it made its way into our closets. 

Keep on reading to see my favorite looks and pieces.

During the colder months, we all tend to shift towards cool toned pieces (read: blues, silvers, jewel-colored). Although these pieces are universally associated with wintertime, they can often wash you out. Last year when I experienced an actual winter, my black and white monochromatic wardrobe made me look sickly. I'm loving this color palette because blush-colored pieces add warmer and cozier vibes than a darker colored piece. For those of you who pride yourselves on being a monochromatic minimalist: this trend is perfect because you don't have to worry if your jeans are a different shade than your top because mixing beige, camel, and blush are perfectly fine.

You can easily incorporate these pieces into an outfit whether it's an oversized sweater, suede skirt or a coat. I am also trying to add more mature and work-appropriate pieces into my wardrobe and I've found some great pieces to do so. To see how some people style this color palette, I definitely suggest following Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) or even looking at different online shops to see how they style their pieces. Some of my favorite websites to go to for inspiration are Reformation, Missguided and if all else fails there's always tumblr. Below are some of my favorite pieces:

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