Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Favorites

November was honestly a blur of a month for me. In my last post I cursed myself and ended up not finishing a single book this month. Oh well. Here are some of my favorite things that stuck out to me throughout November.

Printed scarves: I've stated how much I've loved this trend before, so it was only appropriate to include them in a favorites post. Scarves are a really nice way to add something different to an outfit, whether the something different is the fabric or print. These kind, specifically, because of their boxy shape are easy to style and are very casual. There have been tons of the skinny scarves readily available at stores like Zara, so that'll be the next thing I add to this collection. I have never gotten into the habit of wearing jewelry, mostly because things like bracelets and rings get in the way of typing, but I think scarves are my way of easing into accessorizing. I always find it really charming when people have specific pieces they wear on the daily. They look like they have their life together and I want to give off that vibe.

Baseball caps: I used to hate wearing hats, especially baseball ones, because of my large head. But I think wearing baseball caps has become part of college campus culture, in the same way covering your laptop with bumper stickers is: they're both subtle ways to show off things you like. This kind of hat has become really popular in general recently, especially these by UNIF, and I have no idea why. I love wearing them on days when I look rough from lack of sleep or my hair is just not cooperating that day...so every other day. Sadly I have lost my favorite hat which also happened to be one of the few school-related merch I had. If anyone wants to help mend my heartbreak, this one would be a really cool present. 
Lattice neck line tops: I've spoken about this kind of top before, but I just really love it because the cut shows off skin without being overly risqué. It's a very feminine cut and is appropriate for any type of occasion. I will ride this trend until its bitter end, which apparently is very soon. I read an Vogue article, via Twitter, that said you can tell a trend is over when it becomes saturated and accessible everywhere. Six months ago you could only get this kind of bodysuit via high-end designers but now it is everywhere in different variations. I remember I was so upset when Reformation sold out of its restock of their Avalon Bodysuit in its ribbed design and since then I've been buying different pieces to make up for the Reformation-shaped hole in my heart. 

iZombie: I am the kind of person who is either obsessed with something or doesn't care at all. My time between the two of those moods changes very rapidly now in the day and age of Netflix and streaming. After I finished Jane the Virgin, I needed a new show to watch. Josine, my friend who recommended Scream TV in my September favorites, told me to watch this show. iZombie is about Liv who gives up her hospital residency to work at the police station's morgue after she becomes a zombie. The show follows her personal and work life as she deals with being a zombie. That's all I'm going to say because I don't want to spoil anything. I finished the first season on Netflix in under 24-hours...oops. I love the opening theme song and believe me, it will get stuck in your head.

This month I had to go a few days without Spotify Premium and that was rough. Nothing kills the mood like hearing a million Jack in the Box commercials in between songs. A lot of these were in my Discovery playlist, so I'm not sure if most are new. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Pretty Face by Public
  • She's a Riot by The Jungle Giants
  • Katy by ADHDS
  • Do You Wanna Get High? by Weezer
  • Teenage Dream (Glee Version) -- My roommates and I had a glee marathon where we watched our favorite episodes and I got nostalgic over Darren Criss as Blaine. Teenage Dream is the best cover for ANYONE to do if they want the crowd to swoon.
  • Hell Nos and Headphones  by Hailee Steinfeld -- Her EP is really a really good pop album. So many critics were dismissing her for being like other women in music, but they seem to forget that argument when it comes to men in music. ANYWAYS. So far her discography is better than her filmography post-True Grit and I'm 100% okay with that.
Hope you enjoyed this post and look out for a gift-giving guide coming soon!

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