Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Friends

Holiday shopping is equal parts fun as it is stressful, depending on the person you're giving to. Buying a gift card is so lame, no matter the intentions, because deep down people just want to tear open a present. I've compiled a list that I think would be perfect for anyone from your ride-or-die to your roommates and even siblings. Keep on reading to see what's on my list.

Favorite record: Whether it's their favorite album or an album you love, gifting records is always a really good idea. My best friend has gifted me both kinds of records and I love them. I suggest buying an album with really cool artwork because even if they don't have a vinyl player, it will add character to their shelf. (Most new releases come with digital download codes, so they can enjoy the music too.) My favorite album and album artwork recently has been Halsey's Badlands.

Coffee table book: Coffee table books, like this Wes Anderson one, make for really great gifts because it's a nice way to show someone you care about their interests. This works especially well for art and entertainment enthusiasts. Coffee books are great because, unlike novels, there's no pressure for them to read it in its entirety. Besides your local bookstore, the best places to find cool books are Urban Outfitters and Bookmarc locations.

Candles and Sheet Masks: These two go hand-in-hand and make for a good pampering set. I don't know when sheet masks really gained their mainstream presence, but they can be very affordable depending on where you look. I suggest to search in asian markets like Daiso or KollectionK if you don't want to shell out upwards of $6 on a one-time use product. These masks originated from Asia so no one does them better. Candles are a no-brainer and they'll definitely outlive the masks on your recipient's shelf.

Pins and Patches: Pins and patches are another really great gift because most of them range from $3-$15 so you can buy quite a few before reaching your spending limit. They can be placed on things like a backpack, hats, the trusty denim jacket or even used to bring a second life to an old pair of jeans. Zara and Opening Ceremony have released jackets with patches all over them, but help make your friend create a one-of-a-kind piece with less cash spent. Pins and patches can be found on Etsy and I also like Pintrill, especially their Yeezy/Kanye2020 ones. Cameron, if you're reading this, guess I'm getting you some Yeezy Boosts for Christmas!!

Posters: These can be bought or even printed at home with photo paper. These posters can literally be of anything, but has reprints and originals in stock. If you want to go the extra mile with this one, I suggest either a frame for the poster to be placed in or the perfect movie theater basket with different classic theater snacks. Since the new Star Wars movie is coming out in less than two weeks, there is memorabilia everywhere at every price point which would go well with a reprint of a poster from your favorite three. (Whether you prefer the original three or the prequels is your choice.) However, if your person is a Trekkie or a fan of another series, thinkgeek is a great website to find anything for the sci-fi geek in your life.

Coffee mug: I chose this kind of present for specific people in my life who are true supporters of small/local businesses. This kind of present may require some Instagram stalking. Once you've found your friend's favorite coffee spot, buy them a branded mug to use on the occasions when they're not there. A majority of smaller coffee labels/shops conveniently have online stores. You could go the extra step to fueling their caffeine dependency by getting them things like fun tea steepers. Going along with the camping theme of the specific Verve Coffee Roasters cup,  Cool Material has great stuff for guys even if they're not the outdoorsman type.

Personalized stationary: Pencils and stationary are often forgotten and understated these days. These kind of witty pencils have been on every Pinterest page since God knows when and it's all thanks to thecarboncrusader on Etsy. The one's pictured above feature quotes from The Princess Bride. Again, you can give these to someone in a makeshift assorted basket along with thank you cards or stationary.

Gag and craft gifts: I always see the holiday season as the perfect time to give someone something they wouldn't normally buy for themselves. Things like a terrarium kit are cool because they can get creative with it and it's something that will remind them of you year 'round (or however long the plant lives). If you got a really close friend for gift exchange I suggest funny gifts like the grow a boyfriend gag. You both can get a laugh out of it, hopefully. If you're in the LA-area I suggest going to Wacko / Soap Plant for different novelty gifts and books. 

That's it for my gift guide! If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a mixtape or food. I tried to find different things at various price points, so please let me know if this post helped you figure out what to get the people in your life. Let me know if you liked this post and I might be adding another one very soon.

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