Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Inspired by...

 I  love to dress in unisex pieces like band tees and flannels, so this post is no exception. The inspiration behind this outfit came from my favorite member of One Direction: Harry Styles. If you follow me on any social media site, my love for him and his wardrobe is obvious. He's always been a style muse for me and I even wrote about him for my Teen Vogue Fashion University application earlier this year. No shame. Male figures and icons are just as cool as looking up to gals, especially since fashion is moving away from gender specific clothing and becoming a space where we all be creative.

Unlike Harry Styles, none of these pieces were gifted to me by Saint Laurent. The coat is from Forever 21 and the faux shearling inside kept me warm during my weekend in Chicago, surprisingly. I was originally drawn to it because the way the coat sits gives off a similar vibe to Acne Studios' Velocite jacket. I hear that you can find great coats in vintage shops or thrift stores, but most days I don't have the energy to go through racks of clothing or the knowledge to know where to begin. Until I can either justify an Acne Studios purchase or gain some patience, I'm devoted to fast-fashion stores.

What I'm Wearing:

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