Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Happy Halloweek! This weekend is arguably the most hyped up weekend of the year, so let's all take a moment and lower our expectations. I love Halloween because, in theory, it's an excuse to dress up and embrace a different persona. However, living on a college student budget means I can never bring myself to spend crazy amounts of money on a cheaply made costume I'll wear once. Instead, I usually like to buy clothing pieces I can use in everyday life. Below are some pieces worth investing in. I took inspiration from characters in some of my favorite films. Dressing like characters is way more fun than dressing like celebrities because: 1. You can pretend you have a great taste in movies and 2. everyone already tries to be like Kim K on any given day.

This post is probably too late. Not even Amazon Prime can save you now.

Bomber Jacket: Halloween

Mathilda from Léon: The Professional
Shoutout to my father for showing me this film. Natalie Portman plays Mathilda, a young girl taken in by Léon after her family is murdered. The friendship between Léon and Mathilda is cute, especially when he gives in and teaches her the rules to being a hit man. Besides the bomber, all you need are: the black bob-cut wig, round sunglasses, a velvet choker and a small fern or stuffed bunny to carry around. Half the fun of being Mathilda is adopting her badass attitude.
Tuxedo Shirt: Halloween

Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction
To be honest, this isn't my favorite Tarantino film. I don't understand why boys love this movie. (Gun shop scene, anyone?) I prefer the Kill Bill series, but dressing like the Bride requires way too much yellow spandex. The key accessory you will need is her black wig, especially if you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd of dudes dressed like Joel from Risky Business. Other accessories you could add would be a tuxedo jacket or better yet, a bloody syringe to the chest.
Maleficent: Halloween

Maleficent from Maleficent
Out of Angelina Jolie's entire filmography, I think this is the most distinct character besides Lara Croft. Her make-up in this film is incredible and her cheekbones could cut through glass. All black and a bodysuit isn't a bad 'fit to wear the whole weekend either. Bodysuits are as versatile as it gets. You could always invest in a white one, like this one from For Love and Lemons, and pair it with a great pair of white angel wings and channel your inner Candice Swanepoel.

Marty McFly: Halloween

Marty McFly in Back to the Future
This is my favorite movie. OF. ALL. TIME. My younger brother and I grew up with this trilogy. He even bought a replica hover board a couple years back at Comic Con. (We are also waiting patiently as Pepsi releases a second batch of their Pepsi Perfect bottles.) I remember reading articles last week about parts of the future that the film got correct, but let's be real...Marty McFly was hot on the trends. (Yes, I know those stills are from the first movie.) Denim on denim? Check. White sneakers? Check. The final pieces you'll need to show off your inner McFly are an orange vest and the habit of saying "That's heavy, Doc."

I wish I could do some of these, but sadly my big head is too much of a risk when it comes to buying wigs online. These have been done before, but being called basic should be the least of your problems. It's 2015, nothing is original anymore...nothing. Can we just go back to the time when girls would dress like cats and not get mocked for it? I miss those days.

Worst comes to worst, drench yourself in fake blood on your way to the party.

PSA: Just a general rule when it comes to Halloween, if you have to darken your skin or succumb to racial stereotypes for people to understand your costume...you need to change and get more creative.

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