Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn Trends and Recent Purchases

Let me just state the obvious: the seasons hardly change in southern California. If anything, autumn signals the end of the September heat wave. Most of us will start wearing sweaters whenever the temperature reaches 70. I thought I'd share some of the items I've bought in the past few weeks to mix some recent fall trends with my current closet. After all, I'm not going to let the sweltering heat stop me from dressing in a more autumnal fashion (within reason).

Boohoo Natalie Printed Scarf: For the record, I won't be buying anything from boohoo.com ever again. One of the few good things I've gained from my poor experience with them is this printed scarf. I've been loving the "silk" scarf trend and the different ways you can tie and wear them. Skinny scarves are on-trend too. Scarves are a great way to add more color and texture to your closet, without spending too much cash or going overboard. So unless it starts snowing, ditch the infinity scarves. Linked below are more scarves I've been eyeing.
Ikea plant: The only reason why the plant is pictured is because it filled some dead space in the photo. It's also one of the newer pieces I've bought for my room. I decided to buy a fake plant since I know I'd kill a living plant and I'm afraid actual succulents or cacti will bring spiders into my room. Plants, real or fake, help make rooms more lively and makes my shared room feel less stuffy.
Levi's low-rise shorts: I bought this pair from the Melrose Trading Post in West Hollywood. After wearing my only two denim shorts to bits, I knew it was time to start looking around for more. Not only are they relatively inexpensive to retail, but they're also real denim. My H&M pair were the same price as these, but they've gotten stiff as time goes on. Levi's, on the other hand, start to fit your body better. Sometimes flea markets can be a rip-off, so make sure you ask for the price and try on whatever you're looking at. I suggest wearing a dress when you're there to make the "finding-your-fit" part less awkward.
"Aviator 2.0" sunglasses: These pairs were also purchased at the Melrose Trading Post. I was drawn to them because they're similar to the "Dior Technologic" sunglasses. Dior has been killin' the game with their most recent collection of sunnies, but sadly I can only admire them from afar. The popularity of this model and the "Dior So Real" show that aviator-style glasses are slowly making their comeback. So if you didn't fall for the Lennon-esque sunglass trend, start saving to invest in what I'm dubbing the "Aviator 2.0" style.
This fall, I'll be adding more texture into outfits through outerwear!

Max Studio Faux-Suede Jacket (via Neiman Marcus Last Call): Suede for fall? Groundbreaking. Let's be real, camel and suede have and always will be synonymous with fall trends. Since it is a fall-staple, (faux-)suede jackets have either been sold out or set at ridiculous prices. (Even fast-fashion stores, like Forever21, are selling faux-suede jackets at prices upwards of $50.) I had been lusting after this Missguided jacket for a while, but I ended up buying this Max Studio jacket from the outlet instead. Although it has less structure than the jacket I initially wanted, the fabric is so soft and is light enough that I won't be sweating a storm all for the sake of wearing texture.
Nasty Gal's At Ease Jacket: If you've been following me for a while, you will know how much I've worn this Topshop parka. It's hanging in my closet right now and has been the best investment I've made. I found this military-style jacket in the Nasty Gal sale and I accidentally bought a size too big, so it's a bit oversized. The cut of this jacket is boxier than most and cuts off right at the hip. Since it's a bit oversized, the details on the quarter-sleeves and belted waist make it look more polished. 
Lucky Brand Breah Bootie (via Nordstorm Rack): Like camel and suede, booties are another fall essential. If you haven't noticed just from this blog, they're also a general closet staple. Before this purchase I only owned two pairs of booties (mainly due to my abnormal foot size). Nordstrom Rack usually has a great selection of both sizes and brands, you just have to rummage around. Up until recently I didn't even know Lucky Brand made my size. If you're planning on purchasing this pair, the color on the website is not very accurate. "Brindle 02" looks far more tan online. The picture above gives a better idea of the boot's actual color.  

Between my purchases of scarves, aviators and different jackets, I hope you've found some inspiration for fall elements to add to your wardrobe. I've been jumping off the walls with outfit ideas, so more of those posts will be coming up!

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