Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gingham Style

If you cringed at the title of this post, I'm sorry but I can't pass up a good pun. Anyways, I've recently returned home from a quick trip to Cancun with my cousins, so I apologize for my lack of content. The two things I came back with from my trip were these Zara culottes and horrible tan lines. I always thought culottes weren't very flattering, but I gave them a chance because I needed longer pants to wear on my flight home. This gingham pair add a little something to my monochrome outfit palette. Old habits die hard. As for this Topshop bardot top, it's equal parts cute as it is functional since it's covering another unfortunate tan line. If I'm going to be cursed with bad tan lines for the rest of summer, off-the-shoulder tops just might be my solution.

What I'm Wearing:
Topshop Bardot Top | Zara Culottes | ASOS Sliders (mens) | Free People Sunglasses

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