Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring and Summer Essentials

Spring and Summer Essentials

If you've seen my Music Festival Inspiration post, then some of these might seem familiar. But like I've said before, I believe most music festival attire are perfect for your overall spring and summer wardrobe. This year I'm trying to stray away from my pretty basic outfits by adding more texture to my closet. Here are some picks I think everyone could add to their closet and why I think so. (There really is no rhyme or reason to the list, so have fun playing connect-the-item.)

  1. Denim: This is clearly a year-round staple, but since the 70s are making a comeback, why not experiment with boot cut jeans? I have horrible flashbacks to when I used to wear bell-bottoms in middle school, but throw on a pair of heels underneath and apparently they make your legs look longer. Go figure. The other option is grey biker jeans, which are something I can endorse personally. The embossed detail adds a cool touch to whatever you're wearing and it's a refreshing choice when you're walking in a sea of blue and black jeans.
  2. Outerwear: The denim jacket has been a staple of mine for forever. I prefer ones with a bit of an oversized fit and slightly distressed because how many times can I stress that I like being put together without actually looking like I've put forth effort? For those days when that's just not cutting it, duster coats are a life saver. I've seen tons of duster coats on sale as more stores clear the space for newer clothes, but duster coats are light enough that you won't sweat through your clothes and they'll shield you from the wind. If it makes you feel any better, they're kind of like the blazer's cool, oversized sibling.
  3. Statement crewneck: To me, summer means bonfire season. Throw a crewneck into your beach bag and you're ready for wherever the party takes you.
  4. Linen shirt: An easy way to add texture into an outfit is to choose a couple shirts that aren't cotton. This IRO one is one of my favorites. It's made of linen and has small distress holes in it. Like cotton v-necks, it's a staple in my closet and luckily you can find similar shirts almost anywhere now.
  5. Printed shorts: A second way to add texture to an outfit is with a pair of printed shorts. Everyone has denim shorts. No matter the cut, the fit, or level of distress, it's still denim. Denim shorts are staples for a reason, but printed shorts come in different prints and fabrics so you'll have a variety to choose from. Getting a pair of shorts to match your favorite  top is also a great way to make a coordinating set tailored to your style.
  6. Underwire bralette: The bralette is something I featured in my Music Festival post. From low scoop to nearly see-through tops, bralettes are always a good idea. I especially love the ones with straps around the cleavage because they'll show when you wear a low cut top. I prefer ones with underwire because they add the support of a normal bra only they're so much better.
  7. Sliders: Whether you hate Birkenstocks or not, these kinds of sandals are a thing. Sliders, as they're called, are a staple for me because they're unisex and they make sizes big enough for my feet. I guess they don't look too bad either.
  8. Scarf: Linen and (faux) silk scarves are a good piece to have. There will be a time this summer where it'll be too hot to wear even the daintiest of necklaces. Scarfs will be a great go-to piece this year if you need something light to cover your face while sunbathing or as a way to make your white tee and jeans look oh-so J. Crew cool (whether you like it or not).
  9. Button-ups: Button-ups are another one of those year-round staples, but it seems like stores never sell the kind I like until the warmer months hit. I recently started adding chambray shirts into the mix, but you can't go wrong with a good white button up. To make sure you don't look too country-club ready, un button the top few and show off a bralette or use it as a cover up for beach days.
  10. Fedora: I honestly don't like the word "fedora" because it reminds me of a certain meme on the Internet, but that's unfortunately what this kind of hat is actually called. This is my preferred kind of hat because I feel out of place when I wear floppy hats anywhere outside of the beach. 
The real question now, I suppose, is how many of these items do I actually own? Check back later this week for another outfit post and let me know if you would add any of these into your closet. :-)

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