Friday, April 10, 2015

Music Festival Essentials

I am currently en-route to Coachella, so I thought I'd post the essentials I'll be carrying around in my backpack! Most of these are obvious but it doesn't hurt to reiterate!

  • Sunscreen -- I use the lotion one for my face and the spray on for the rest of my body.
  • Dry shampoo -- Coachella = Sweat. It happens. My hair gets really oily during the day and when my hair isn't nice I just feel like myself. Dry shampoo also gives my hair volume after wearing a hat all day. 
  • Wet Wipes and Eye makeup remover pads -- Good things to keep in your bag in case you need to freshen up. They finally have actual bathrooms this year. Bless.  
  • Lip Balm -- Although it's obvious, I suggest getting a lip balm that's a jelly consistent and has SPF.  
  • Anti-bacterial -- You never know who or what you've touched during a set. 
  • Polaroid -- Is it cliché to have one of these? Hell yeah. But sometimes you don't want to waste camera battery, so I would suggest something like this or a disposable camera. Some clichés should be embraced.
  • Scarf -- Dust storms are a real thing, people. Plan ahead. 

Besides these, bring a refillable water bottle. You don't want to be that friend that makes everyone miss a set because you had to go to the medic tent because of dehydration. I promise I'll have more posts to make up for all my quick posts. I've just been spending my money on things for this weekend...oops.

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