Friday, March 6, 2015


New York Fashion Week, specifically designers Karen Walker, Derek Lam and Rebecca Minkoff, made it clear that the 90s revival is over. It's all about the 70s so bring on the fringe, suede and so much camel outerwear that Kim K can't possibly wear it all on her own. Now we can all stop comparing our style to Cher from Clueless and channel Penny Lane from Almost Famous instead. (Except Penny Lame would never wear band tees.) I dressed up the whole outfit with this statement necklace I bought last year as a feeble attempt to add a bohemian vibe to my closet. As for my coat, I found it in the sale section of Forever 21.  It would be better for those suited in temperate climates, rather than the freezing cold. Suede (faux or not) will probably be the only main trend I will be wearing since I hate fringe almost as much as I hate tattoo chokers. The day I wear anything with fringe will probably be the same day I figure out how to my hair in a ponytail without looking bald.

What I'm wearing:
Forever 21 sunglasses and jacket* | Topshop tee* | Zara sneakers*
* indicated sale items

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