Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Favorites

Here's a little compilation of things I discovered during February.

  •  Cold-pressed juice: Over the past month I followed a ton of different food instagrams so I would have a reason to take the L besides going between home and class. Because of it, I have renewed my love for pressed juice. (I know, very stereotypical southern Californian of me.) The top row is from a pressed juicery called Harvest Juicery. The middle row is from my new favorite juice place called Owen + Alchemy. They even had blended bowls, like acai bowls, which are a rare find in the city.
  • Almond milk lattes: For a while I tried teaching myself to drink coffee black or with minimal amounts of sugar. It didn't really work well, but I found I love almond milk lattes.The cliché latte picture is from a café called Dollop Coffee Company, near the downtown campus of my university. I'm pretty sure it's a franchise around Chicago.
  • Iron Maiden shirt: My last favorite is this Iron Maiden shirt I got from Topshop. When I bought it I broke one of my own personal rules: don't wear a band tee if you don't listen to them. In reality, though, if I only limited myself to artists I do listen to I'd probably be sporting a Beyoncé shirt all the time. Besides, Topshop was having a "buy one get one free" deal on their sale section so technically I didn't even spend money on this tee. I love it because it's easy to dress up and down, which is probably why I wear it multiple times a week.
Here's my playlist for the month. Some of my favorites are:
  • Greek Tragedy by The Wombats (one of my favorite bands ever, give their song "Emoticons" a listen too)
  • Homesick by Catfish and the Bottlemen
  • Salt by Bad Suns (their vibe just makes me miss California)
  • Someone New by Hozier
  • Octahate by Ryn Weaver
  • Fade Away by Susanne Sundfør

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