Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Favorites

Happy February! I woke up this morning to find there's a blizzard happening. I'm staying all nice and toasty today, but one of my goals for 2015 was to consistently update this blog.  I thought I'd make a post about a few of my favorite things from the past month!
  1. January Playlist: In January I decided to treat myself and buy a Spotify subscription. One of my friends told me about their student discount so I was all over that. Not all of these songs are new, but like I said, I just discovered the beauty of streaming music. Now the only thing on my iPod is Taylor Swift's shame. I want to make this blog a bit more personal, so I will be posting playlists of my music. I consider sharing my music with other people an intimate experience since it gives you an idea about what I like and consistently vibe to. 
  2. Lorac PRO to Go Eye/Cheek Palette: I got this palette as a Christmas gift from my mom. I'm all about neutral eyeshadow shades for days when I decide to wear make-up. My actual daily make-up routine is: brows, mascara and eye liner. For eyeliner I use the black eyeshadow in this palette with a damp eyeliner brush and line my lash line for the look of fuller lashes. The bronzer in this palette is also a great shade for my skin tone, which is something I've had trouble finding since most of the beauty vloggers I follow contour with powders the color of my skin. 
  3. Alfred Coffee: My favorite mug is this one from Alfred's Coffee in LA. I think it's cute and it reminds me of one of my favorite cafés in my favorite city. Not to mention it's the perfect size for my morning coffee.
  4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: My skin is the farthest thing from acne-prone, but whenever I get a pimple it sticks around and gets pretty red. I've been enjoying the Tea Tree Oil from the Body Shop because it really reduces the redness from the pimple and clears my skin up pretty quickly. A quick Google search will tell you Tea Tree oil's other benefits.
  5. DV by Dolce Vita Larabey Boot: I bought these babies at Nordstrom Rack earlier in the month and have been wearing them daily. They have really good traction on the soles, which have saved my accident-prone self from slipping in the snow and icy sidewalks. I love them so much I even got them in brown. 

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