Saturday, January 17, 2015

Confession: I'm a Fake

There are plenty of fake things in my life. My close friends might jokingly say my personality is of those on the list, but I digress. The latest additions, however, have been faux fur pieces and this handbag. Starting with this leopard coat, I ordered this beauty back in November and it arrived right after I left for California. But I'm happy I wasn't able to bring it home because it's been keeping me warm during these more mild Chicago winter days. It fits a bit oversized which is nice for those days when I will need to layer a bit more. I'm all for this faux fur trend because I love the way it can accent or become the center of an outfit, especially during the school week when I tend to stick to the drab sweater and jeans combo. As for the handbag, while I was at home I left my good ol' Alexander Wang Rockie and decided I needed to purchase a bag that would be okay with getting a little beat up on the crowded L trains. My bag is an obvious imitation of the super popular Celiné nano. I guess I bought this bag as my way of exercising the law of Attraction. Hopefully one day it will be replaced on my shoulder with the actual thing or I'll just get over the hype...whichever one comes first.

What I'm wearing:

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