Friday, August 8, 2014

White Jeans

Brandy Melville Halter Top Brandy Melville Striped Shirt Zara Jeans World Market Necklace
Any kind of white clothing scares me. When I wear them I feel like that day I'm going to be a major klutz and spill something on myself. I got these kinda-boyfriend-not-really jeans from the Zara sale. I also wanted to show off this necklace that I've been eyeing for forever. I was going to buy a nearly exact necklace from an online shop for almost $90, but I found this one in World Market for less than half that. The quality is top notch too. I also wanted to bring the attention away from these extremely white jeans and show off how cool I am for layering a halter top with a deep v-neck shirt. (So original, I know.) 

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