Saturday, May 10, 2014

Changed My Mind

Zara Tee Zara Dungarees Forever 21 Necklace "Arizona" Birkenstocks
Last summer I bought this pair of dungarees (aka overalls), but I didn't really think I pulled them off. I felt like I was dressing like a little kid again. I'm happy they're still in this year because my view on them has definitely changed. Maybe it's because I follow far too many Australian bloggers on instagram, but with all the jelly shoes and thick-strapped sandals trending right now, I've learned to love the Birkenstock trend. Brands like Steve Madden and Celiné are making their own models, but I got my hands on the originals. These two pieces will definitely be part of my summer staples this year.

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  1. Love it ,.look beautiful on you