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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Let's Get Real About Coachella

Let's Get Real About Coachella
Saturday, April 21, 2018
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The only set I got decent photo at because I wasn't miles away in the crowd. @thisislany

Juicy x UO tank | Thrifted blouse | Thrifted denim mini skirt | Adam Selman x Le Specs
Photos by Nicole Odziewa

I am currently on a five-year Coachella streak. I've been attending the music festival ever since I was a senior in high school. I even pulled a crazy plan and flew back last year when I was studying abroad in London. I am crazy loyal to my hometown fest. There's just something super freeing about dancing around in the desert! The only other festivals I've been to, Lollapalooza and Life is Beautiful, are situated in the middle of major cities. The fact that you are so close to the bustling city can take you out of the festival state of mind.

This year two of my best friends from Chicago came for the weekend and I guess I finally got an outsider's perspective on the culture of Coachella. As an enlightened self-proclaimed expert, here are some thoughts I've just gotta write down and get outta my head.

It's about the music, weirdo.

Blame social media, "influencers", or the close proximity to Los Angeles, but sometimes it's hard to remember that the whole point of going to Coachella is to make it to make it to the stages. This year it really hit me how insidious all this talk of "Coachella diet" and "Coachella fashion" has gotten.  With the major increase of pre and post-Chella parties, it's clear that brands are only feeding into everyone's fantasies and anxieties about the kind of person you have to be to make it to Indio.

I definitely noticed how all this influence affected me too. While I wouldn't say that my entire focus for the past couple years has been on how I look, but I might have freaked out a little when some of my online purchases didn't look as nice on me as I envisioned. Let this serve as a friendly reminder that none of that really matters once you're there. You don't need to be a certain size to frolic to some tunes in the desert. You don't need to be a certain size to have fun and enjoy yourself.

 This outfit was my favorite because I think it really encapsulates everything I love! It also came together out of necessity, rather than meticulous planning. I have been obsessed with Nicole Richie for forever so I was definitely paid tribute to her "Simple Life" days with the Juicy tank and denim skirt. Cheetah print is such a staple in my closet and I knew I had to have this blouse when I found it while thrifting just a week before Coachella. It also helped as an extra layer during those desert nights.

All these festival fashion guides have gotten a little too repetitive so you might as well dress how YOU want.  If you're trying to find a theme to all your outfit madness, I suggest dressing to match the vibes of the artists or your #1 artist of the day. Go ahead and do it for the 'gram, but don't try and kill yourself over the perfect shot or for the perfect "Coachella body"...whatever that is.

But just know you can't make it to all the sets.

FOMO is so real, even if you're at the festival. This year the lineup was so stacked, my friends and I had incredibly long talks deliberating who we were going to see this year. We were even cross referencing the day-to-day lineup with the overall lineup of Lollapalooza, a festival that is an annual event within our friend group.

One major advantage that Coachella has over other music festivals is it has the clout to bring out major guests for certain artists. Kendrick Lamar came out multiple times Friday Weekend One. Cardi B basically brought out every feature from her album. MØ brought out Charli XCX and Diplo! The thing about surprise guests is that they are a surprise. Don't sweat it if you missed some major name during an artists you only kinda-sorta listen to.

Sometimes you even miss amazing stand out performances from artists you're only beginning to listen to. I'll forever be apologizing to my friends for taking them to ALVVAYS instead of Jorja Smith even though I transcended when they played "Dreams Tonite."

All that being said, give all your energy for whoever you're seeing. One major complaint from my Chicago pals is that the crowds at Coachella are a bit lackluster. If there's one place LA kids should stop acting "too cool," it's in a crowd.

Coachella sickness is real.

This was the first year I lost my voice!

While you might remember other medicated items (hey, it's legal in California), don't forget your vitamin-C and electrolyte packets, ibuprofen, and nose saline rinses. The latter definitely saved me. It's also useful to bring a bandana or light scarf with you for the unavoidable dust storms that come at night.

Know yourself.

"Know yourself" has a variety of meanings. Know whether you're down to camp. I know I'm the kind of gal who LOVES the comforts of A/C, so catch me in a hotel for the weekend! Know your budget so you don't get your card declined at the merch tent or worse...the beer garden. Yikes. Know why you're going to the festival in the first place. For fun. For friends. For the memories. Sometimes it's never that deep.

I apologize for how many times you've read "Coachella" in this post. I just feel like this festival always gets flack because so many outside forces have created false expectations for the kind of person you should be or the experiences you should have to enjoy the weekend to the fullest.
No festival is perfect, but this one will always be my favorite.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Outfit Repeater

Outfit Repeater
Monday, April 9, 2018
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Nothing to see here. Just outfit repeating from a previous trip.
2018 is the year I embrace my baby hairs.

Alexander Wang x Adidas mock neck | Cargo pants | Teddy coat

I have this bad habit where I will wear the same outfit over and over again until I memorialize it in a photo. I've worn this exact ensemble in both Dubai and in windy San Francisco, so I'm happy to report that this combination has proven its versatility. So whether you're trekking in the desert or around the mission, find your inspiration in Kim Possible. With the obsession over early 2000s icons, I'd say that finding a pair should be on your radar.

 Alexander Wang has been one of my favorite designers, ever since I got into high fashion in high school. I've followed him throughout his time at Balenciaga and the growth of his own brand, so it's no wonder that I loved his collaboration with Adidas. Though this purchase was a collaboration with the famed street-atheltic brand, it definitely signaled a change in my spending habits. It's all about quality. 

One way to stop frequent fast fashion shopping is by attending sample sales. Designer boutiques and local shops alike often have them at the start of every season and will heavily promote them on their social channels. Some of my favorite stores like Reformation, Opening Ceremony, and Clare V! It's also how I scored this killer All Saints teddy jacket! Teddy coats were a huge hit over this past year and I finally found my coat. (Pro tip: To avoid freak outs over lost clothing, always check your dry cleaners.)

Monday, April 2, 2018

Lust List #4 + S/S 18 Inspiration

Lust List #4 + S/S 18 Inspiration
Monday, April 2, 2018
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As I've gotten older, I've learned less is more when it comes to choosing pieces to populate my closet. My awareness of finances along with the knowledge I have of my fashion footprint has made me more selective. I have found myself gravitating towards specific aesthetics rather than coveting for certain grail pieces. I think the only exception to this would be the Off-White Binder Clip Bag. I love the simplicity of it, plus the strap can double as a belt. We love multi-functioning pieces! 

Soft pinks and yellows have been some of my favorite colors lately. I love them in photographs and in clothing. I love the way soft focus and the use of those colors can give off an angelic haze. I have become super selective with the kind of photos I publish on here and I am so excited to unveil some of the projects I've been working on! Mustard yellow is one of the colors that could give millennial pink a run for its money. 

Scroll for some of my current picks:

If you follow me on Spotify, you would know that I am one of those people who will listen to an artist or a song until I'm absolutely sick of it. When I'm done with that, I often look up covers on BBC Radio One or Triple-J's "like a version." Besides endless covers of The 1975's "Somebody Else," I am loving Wolf Alice's cover of Charli XCX's "Boys" because it combines my two major music obsessions: Pop 2 and 80s music. My friends and I have been spiraling down a new wave wormhole for the past year and a half, which seems to have happened perfectly in sync with the revival of all things 80s. I cried at New Order's Coachella set last year, so we'll see what happens at David Bryne's set in a couple weeks time.

All photos from tumblr or Instagram user @ccopp
Things to invest in

White western booties: This trend was all over the runway during fashion month. In recent years, white booties have become a summer staple for anyone loyal to a black bootie. The western influence can be as subtle or as outlandish as you want. Instead of wearing sneakers with a sundress this summer, add a new shoe into the rotation.

Gold hoops: I used to fear any earring that wasn't a stud because I was convinced they were all too heavy for my ears to handler. Luckily with the rise of the statement earring and boutique jewelry brands, high quality earrings have gotten more affordable and less clunky. I used to think gold accessories looked gaudy, but just be selective. Pro-tip: gold jewelry also brings out the golden tones of a tan. 

Face glitter: As an avid festival goer, I quickly became an avid face glitter advocate. Now, it's my go-to make-up step over winged liner for nights out. My favorites are the Stila Glitter & Glow liquid eye shadows. Like the single shadow eye looks, I just swipe it all over my monolid and call it a day.

Film camera: With the rise of HIJI's popularity, I thought this would be a give-in.

Here's some shopping inspiration for you: