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Monday, November 13, 2017

Character Style Guide: Stranger Things Edition

Character Style Guide: Stranger Things Edition
Monday, November 13, 2017
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Louis Vuitton SS18

There was no doubt in my mind that I would love Stranger Things. I mean, a Winona Ryder resurgence? Sign me up. 80s music? Finally the unabridged knowledge of Oingo Boingo and New Order my dad has been feeding me would become useful in conversation...but I digress.
Stranger Things is only on its second season, but judging by the many Halloween costumes + the public obsession with its stars, it's clear the show has already solidified its place in popular culture. Between its perfected mix of sci-fi and nostalgia, it has definitely created a following simply for its aesthetic alone. 

Like fashion, television is milking our current addiction to nostalgia and romanticized ideas of decades past. There are quite a few trends from the runway that can be seen in more wearable outfits within the show and vice versa. Call it a stretch, but it sure is a fun one. Ever since I saw Joyce Byers' leather trench coat and Nancy Wheeler's corduroy sherpa jacket, I knew I would be able to find fashion inspiration in this show outside Eleven's pink dress and Dustin's trucker hat. That being said, it's easy to extend these characters' outfits way past a costume if you focus on the right details.  Since the series takes place in the fall time, there's definitely inspiration for your autumn/winter wardrobe and future holiday parties.

This post is a bit lengthy with some eclectic collages so scroll slowly to see how you can revamp your wardrobe for the next few seasons to come, as told by the characters of Stranger Things.

P.S. Spoilers ahead.

Marc Jacobs FW17, Dior SS18

Joyce Byers
Like I said, ever since I saw Joyce Byers in that leather trench I knew she was going to rock some great coats. When this Dior coat was shown on the runway, it immediately reminded me of the BEST FICTIONAL MOTHER OF ALL TIME. Other designers like Calvin Klein and Chanel also showed similar coats on their runways proving this is no fluke. If the knee-length leather is a bit outside your comfort zone, cropped leather jackets with patent sheen have been making their way into the closets of street style icons. In the latest season Joyce gave Nancy Wheeler a run for her money in that corduroy trench. I love how Joyce is always wearing trench coats...probably because she's always sleuthing with Hopper since the whole town thinks she's crazy. Call me crazy but I'd love to see her in this Marc Jacobs coat sometime.

Public School SS18, Creatures of Comfort SS18, Fashion East SS18, Ports 1961 SS18

Nancy Wheeler
Let's begin the teens with our girl Nancy. Nancy's look is the pinnacle of the "smart good girl" type that has been thrown in our faces in every cliché teen movie since the dawn of time. It isn't a bad thing, but it's just boring predictable. Almost too predictable. (I like to think that if Nancy was a modern girl, she would be rockin' a Daniel Wellington watch.)

Because Nancy has very few variations, the two main components of her look worth mentioning are her love for classic patterns and sweaters. On the runway for Spring/Summer 2018, designers like Public School and Fashion East took the classic plaid print and gave it some edge by using it in a parachute-inspired romper and, respectively, in a body con dress under vinyl. If you'd rather stick to sweaters like Nancy, try finding sweaters with interesting proportions or tying them in different ways like Ports 1961 and Creatures of Comfort. Retire velvet for a night and try your luck at some updated plaid or reconstructed sweaters for holiday party season. I suppose sweaters for warmth are great too.

Nancy's main accessory this season has been Jonathan Byers aka the Instagram husband of your dreams/ an 80s version of whatever persona Cole Sprouse is shoppin' at the moment. Sadly, he isn't featured as his own stand alone style icon in this post..

Ovadia & Sons SS18, Bella Hadid for NIKE, Topshop Unique SS18

Steve Harrington
Steve is definitely one of the characters in this show whose outfit choices look as appropriate in 2017 as they do in 1984. Steve's main accessories this season were his hair and his bat of nails, but they aren't as wearable as his shoes and his jacket. Lucky for you, finding his exact pieces won't be too hard. His signature shoe since season one has been the Nike Cortez, which was recently brought back with a bang. Earlier this year, Nike definitely noticed the Adidas takeover and revamped the classic shoe with Bella Hadid as the face of their campaign. If there's already snow on the ground where you are, trust that these shoes will still be in style come the springtime.

 Bomber jackets are an essential to any menswear collection and any closet for that matter. If you really want to match with Steve, it's not that hard. Walk into any second-hand store, I guarantee you'll find a rack full of Members Only jackets fresh off the truck. Or if you're Filipino, your grandpa definitely has a few in his closet.

Off-White SS18, APC SS18,  Calvin Klein SS18, MM6 Maison Margiela SS18
Billy Hargrove
One of the new character additions this season was Billy. He was a bit perplexing too. (Where'd he get all this anger from? Does he have powers? Why does he hate Dustin so much? Does he want to be Steve's friend?) Questions aside there was no doubting the California bro looked great in a Canadian tuxedo. Denim on denim with a chambray shirt underneath? Wow.

Denim is a staple in every sense of the word, but designers like Virgil Abdoh of Off-White and John Galliano at MM6 Maison Margiela have been giving the silhouette a bit of an update. Add a couple layers of gold necklaces and pendants the next time you wear an oversized denim jacket to channel Hawkins' new resident bad boy.

Louis Vuitton SS18, UNIF clothing, Chloé SS18
Max Mayfield
Mad Max is another new edition, but this time to Hawkins Middle School. Though I have yet to make up my mind on Max, her style is definitely one that so many people are already embracing whether they're aware of it or not. Her look reminded me of the poster girls for brands like UNIF clothing or Lazy Oaf. On top of that she skates, she kicks ass in arcade games, AND she's always wearing a zip-up à la Adidas' track jacket: the ultimate California cool girl.

Throughout the season, she was always wearing stripes in the form of striped tees and her red Adidas jacket. If you want to emulate the look of the iconic-three stripes without succumbing to wearing just athletic wear, find dresses with paneling like this one from Chloé or trousers with stripes down the side to achieve the same effect. Madrid skateboard and suede Vans not included.

Isabel Marant SS18, Acne Studios SS18, Calvin Klein SS18, JW Anderson SS18, Raf Simons SS18
The Boys
Will, Lucas, Mike, and Dustin
The members of Hawkins' AV club are not only fearless in the face of danger, but they also serve as great outfit inspiration because each of them has a signature item of clothing.

Let's start with Will. Besides his coconut head haircut, his most impressionable piece is his puffy coat. In the first season he was wearing a vest, but regardless he is the king of the down jackets. Puffer coats have been on the radar since Balenciaga's Bernie Sanders-inspired collection last year and most recently, Isabel Marant displayed her take during Fashion Month with this color block number. Puffer coats are now as fashionable as they are functional. Try your luck at it with puffer coats in primary colors, metallics, color block, or even cropped.

Lucas' defining detail would be his collars. Whether he's wearing his trusty sherpa jacket or a turtleneck and a flannel combination, the little things are key. The elongated and exaggerated collars from the Acne Studios and Calvin Klein collections really reminded me of him. If you want to expand the variety of necklines in your closet, I'd definitely look for ribbed collar shirts or boxy blouses with a more Western vibe. Collar ribbed tees and turtlenecks are perfect for pairing with skirts or, if tight enough, layered under dresses in the winter time.

Mike, like Max, sports stripes all the time. I won't exhaust my sentiment for striped tees any longer.

Dustin's hat is definitely the most recognizable piece in his closet though it's more of a blast from the past or a Halloween accessory than a closet staple. His graphic tees, however, are worth searching the Internet for. In fact, many people did: his Brontosaurus hoodie is sold out and there's now a waitlist for The Science Museum of Minnesota. Go figure. If Dustin was a modern and wealthy kid, I feel like he'd be really into Raf Simon's latest collection. The brand looked to the 80s for inspiration with band tees combining the likes of New Order with Joy Division, and even paying homage to the replicants of Blade Runner. Judging by the number of easter eggs and posters in Jonathan's room, it's safe to say he'd enjoy the collection too.

Self Portrait SS18, Chloé SS18, Prada Man SS18, Isabel Marant Resort '17, Public School SS18
Thank goodness the boys dressed as Ghostbusters so I could freely share my love for boiler suits. I've been looking for the perfect suit ever since I was studying abroad in London. In my eyes, this piece is extremely versatile. I've been scouring flea markets and second-hand shops around the world looking for my perfect match. It's like I have baby fever but with a jumpsuit. One of my dear friends found a vintage denim Tommy Hilfiger piece in London. Another found an authentic Ghostbusters boiler suit from the 80s in San Francisco. Why is the world taunting me? Oh how I wish I was joking when it came to the severity of my desperation.

Androgynous pieces like the work pant are becoming more common place and in turn are issuing the new wave of boiler suits to join them. So many suits off the runway have added modern details and silhouettes, too. Isabel Marant Resort updated it with cuts to accentuate the female figure. Public School added white stitching that is (and will be) a huge micro trend for seasons to come. If the boiler suit is too much, there's always coveralls and pinafore dresses to ease you into it.

Louis Vuitton SS18, Pacorabanne SS18, Self Portrait SS18, Brandon Maxwell SS18
Lucky for us, Eleven saved the world and also saved us from a third year of pink dresses with a couple new looks! One thing that marries the seemingly incoherent outfits are the interesting shoulder pads. (I think I can hear my mom's closet rejoicing.) El's most "bitchin'" look from her adventure to Chicago brought us the slicked hair and eye liner we were so desperately missing in Hawkins. She definitely encapsulated the rebellious look in all-black, but you can take it a step farther with inspiration from the Louis Vuitton leather dress or this Parcorabanne two piece with barely there shorts. If you go for the latter option, exaggerated shoulder pads will make your waist look smaller and elongate your figure.

El's dress from the Snow Ball showcase two major elements you can add to your going out arsenal: prints and statement belts. For a while, statement belts made the belt buckle the ultimate accessory, often with a heavy-handed Western aesthetic. Now, it's all about belts and corsets with the classic square buckles in a single patent leather color. Save the Western vibes for your shirt. I love this dress from Self Portrait since it embodies everything El's dress as along with micro trends like the star print and the one-sleeve look.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed season 2. What did you think of the season?

All images were taken from Vogue Runway or

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Mars Bars

Mars Bars
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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photos by Noël Dombroski

Baker Boy hat | Oversized denim jacket | Graphic tee | Wide leg jeans | Suede mules

Happy Halloween! Nothing gets you in the spirit quite like overdressing for the pumpkin patch. 

I really just needed a reason to show off my favorite tee from Reformation. I bought it over the summer on a whim. Ever since I read Andy Weir's The Martian a couple years ago, my mind has been gravitating toward anything space-themed. From planet-adorned clothes to long form pieces on the great unknown, I've got it bookmarked. 

I'm loving this new spin on the graphic tee. Last year, it was all about ringer tees. This year, linen and semi-sheer graphics seem to be making a comeback. All black outfits are more lifeless than chic nowadays, so to break it up I added this suede red belt and borrowed this oversized jacket. While we're axing old habits, break up with your skinny jeans. See you later...I've got episodes of Stranger Things to catch up on.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Something Wicker This Way Comes

Something Wicker This Way Comes
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Cat Eye Sunglasses | Striped Top | Vintage-look denim | Leather Loafers | Wicker Bag

Even though the calendar says it's the end of October, the heat wave in L.A. has the city sweating like it's the middle of July. One summertime element that I'm (willingly) carrying into the fall time is the wicker bag. I found the PERFECT one earlier this month at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. The summer it-bag will definitely be an essential next year, but if you want to wear yours now just style smart! Combining smart pieces, like the collared blouse and loafers, will make the bag feel a bit more autumn appropriate. The cut of my Reformation top steers away from any overpowering office vibes, but the straight leg denim also adds an element of relaxation.

Dressing smart is definitely the best way to style your closet while you wait for fall clothing purchases to come in the mail...and if you've been trying to figure out how to combine your workwear with your daily life.